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May be you don't have any Marketing Manager, but you would like to have one part time. Birgitte could be your part time Marketing Manager

Working with marketing for nearly 22 years, running my own advertising agency for 15 years, working as a marketing manager for my own company, and being hired as a part time manager of marketing for different companies, makes me confident that I am in position of qualifications that your company could benefit from. 
Please feel free to get in touch. 

- Birgitte

How do I work?

Market Communication is a wide term, and a lot of work if you want to do it right. Thats why I like to work as a hired Marketing Manager with just a few customers. Instead of working with one marketing project at a time, your company get a continuity we both will see the result of. When we "team-up" you will experience the value of the work we do together – me and you –, for your business.

My work could include:
Market Strategy, Corporate Communication Platform, Customer Journey (B2B or B2C), Content Marketing, Customer Needs, Digital Marketing (Social Media of course included), Chat "bots", Online Course (eLearning), Online-sales, Inbound Marketing, GDPR (The European General Data Protection Regulations), SEO, Graphic Design, Preparation and execution of Fairs and Events.
Some times there is need of a subcontractor. Then I know where to look, and who is the right choice for our production.

You know your business better than anyone else!
We could never increase your results with me as a hired marketing manager, unless we work as a team. You know your customers, the company culture and your colleagues from the inside. I'm looking in from the outside, and therefore we become a great team.
I ask questions, and you give me answers. This is how I get to know your company and colleagues so well. And that is how we get great results!

I look forward to hear from you soon.


Birgitte Velde Hammer
Your hired Marketing Manager 
Phone  +47 45 44 28 77
e-mail    birgitte[a]edigma.no


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